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Come Thrifting With Me: St. Vincent’s Super Thrift (Reno)

· It’s actually in Sparks, NV ·

September 1, 2017 4 Comments

I’ve never before been to a St. Vincent’s Super Thrift. It’s not a part of the St. Vincent de Paul society. Instead, it’s associated with the Catholic Charities of Northern Nevada. (In fact, there are no St. Vincent de Paul stores in Nevada.)

The Super Thrift occupies a former JC Penney building. The retail area doesn’t fill the entire space, but does occupy at least 60% of it. (The remainder seems to be dedicated to storage and sorting.) Still, there is plenty of real estate to shop!

This was my first and last stop. I took a few pictures when I first entered the store. On the way out, I browsed one more time and found a purse that hadn’t been hanging there 45 minutes earlier! It was all mine! Bwahahahaha!

Women’s Sleeveless Tops $3
There was no confusion on the pricing as most of the sections were clearly labelled with the type and price.

Women’s Dresses $6
There were plenty of dresses to choose from. I took the blush pink number to the dressing room to try on, hoping it would “work” for work.

Women’s Short-Sleeved Tops $3
The long- and short-sleeved tops and sweaters were all kind of mixed up. I’m doing my best to sort them for you, here. I might have gone for the sheer kimono top if it hadn’t been an 18W. Actually, I should have tried it on, anyway. My loss.

Women’s Long-Sleeved Tops $3
Please, let someone come and buy that last blouse – the one that looks like it came from Little House on the Prairie. It’s so deliciously kitschy.

Women’s Sweaters $4
Just say “no” to the Wifey sweatshirt. But say “yes” to a nautical sweater and a houndstooth cardigan. (Upon consideration, I wonder why I didn’t try on that cardigan. As I write this recap, I find more and more items I want to go back for.)

Women’s Blazers $5
I’m always looking for a fresh blazer to add to my lineup.

Women’s Skirts $4 and Shorts $4
I didn’t find any noteworthy shorts, but I did find some really terrible skirts (including two that I tried on). Spoiler: I did not try on the high-low eyelet skirt or the hot-air balloon print skirt. I also passed on the sparkly butt denim mini.

Vinny’s Boutique
I was disappointed with the “hand-picked, special items” on this rack. I did choose one top to try on, but my on-the-rack picture of it was blurry. You’ll have to keep scrolling to see it!

Burning Man
I was even more disappointed in this rack. I was expecting crazy costumes, but it held only swimsuits.

Dressing Room
Let’s try on! (And we’ll visit the shoes and the rest of the store, afterwards.)

The sequin top was uncomfortably itchy and the western vest was too big.

The white, peplum top is from the Vinny’s Boutique section, but I couldn’t zip it up in back due to my enormous rack. The leopard shirt was ok, but I have a nicer, silk version at home.

The pink dress and the gray blazer are too small. Boo. I thought about buying the blazer anyway and never trying to fasten the front, but the arms looked sausagey.

This sweater, though, is a hit! It’s a silk blend, faux wrap with cream stripes on a black background.

Both of these skirts were misses. I don’t know if I could have chosen less flattering skirts if I had tried.

It was a little disappointed to only find one winner in the dressing room. Let’s hit up shoes and housewares to see if things improve.

The shoe department was organized by gender and age, but that seemed to be it. Styles and sizes were all mixed up. Still, I persevered with my browsing and even tried on a pair of boots. (Too small.)

Housewares and more
There is a large selection of furniture, dishes, artwork, books, and “more.” For example, this store had a grandfather clock, an artist easel, and a ship wheel for sale.

Two of my favorite finds are below. The first is a framed photo of dolls. Because collecting dolls isn’t creepy enough. No. You also need to photograph your dolls and display the picture as you would one of your grandchildren. The second is a copy of Arizona Highways from 1974. It’s older than I am! And in pristine condition. It was 75¢ new, but only 50¢ used. This issue is all about southwestern jewelry design. I took it home. (But not the doll picture.)

This store was well merchandised with a driftwood chandelier and a wooden wagon, but my favorite bit of styling was the combination of a pair of leather sandals and a toupee, on an endcap in the decorative container section.

I was charmed by the juxtaposition and immediately tried on the sandals. (I should have tried on the toupee, too.) Don’t they look great with black socks?

My final selections:

I really enjoyed visiting this thrift store. It has a boutique feel with the low lighting and decor, but is not lacking in quirky finds or terrific deals.

September 2, 2017

Kasmira Kit


  1. Cindy Jett

    September 14, 2017

    I want that ship’s wheel!

    • Kasmira Kit

      September 14, 2017

      I think it was about $60. It may be still there!

  2. Lorena

    September 4, 2017

    Oh I do think you missed out on the houndstooth print cardigan ! In general, I think you did quite well with the shopping, my faves were the sweater and hand bag.

    • Kasmira Kit

      September 4, 2017

      I have no idea why I passed on that cardigan! The bag almost makes up for it.

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