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Come Thrifting With Me: Snowline (Sacramento)

· New location on Arden Way ·

February 2, 2018 0 Comments

My neighbor and I were on our way to the Arden Goodwill, but braked quickly when we spotted Snowline Thrift Store on the drive. We’re glad we stopped.

My neighbor is an enabler. She’s also a teacher and asks me to thrift often in search of books and games for her classroom. I’m not such a selfless thrifter, but I feel a little better about my hoarding when the profits benefit others. Snowline Hospice operates five thrift stores (four in El Dorado County and one in Sacramento County) as well as its Reuse & Processing (RAP) Center in Placerville. All proceeds from Snowline enterprises go to help support the mission of Snowline: supporting patients who are experiencing chronic, serious illness, those near end-of-life and loved ones experiencing grief. Snowline’s newest store is on Arden Way, in Sacramento.

The housewares were very well merchandised. There was a Valentine’s themed display immediately upon entering the store. To the left, more housewares were grouped by color, making them so much more fun to shop.

Little effort was put into merchandising the clothing, with the exception of an attractive accessories display and a small vintage section.

This is the place to thrift housewares, books, games, toys, and furniture. (Also, if you collect Campbell’s Soup memorabilia, there is an entire display of the genre.) At least two-thirds of the store is devoted to non-clothing items.

The selection of clothing was adequate. There were items for men, women, and children. I wasn’t too excited about anything I found on the racks, though. There were almost no dresses or skirts. All the tops were lumped together – regardless of type – and that made them difficult to shop.

A few of my favorite items as I browsed:

Dressing Room
I tried nothing on. I just couldn’t get excited about the clothing, especially when they were not well-segregated and there were so few skirted garments. Instead, I just added some pots to my cart and those don’t need a try on before buying.

Prices were on the low side. Housewares were individually marked and clothing was priced by type. (I was quite confused by the price of swimwear, $6, because that was far more than any other clothing type and you get so much less fabric.)

We were there for a 50% off housewares sale. I recommend visiting on the first Saturday of the month for 50% off everything.

The Arden WaySnowline Thrift Store is located at 3133 Arden Way, Sacramento, California.

February 3, 2018

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