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Come Thrifting With Me: Goodwill (L Street)

· Sacramento Midtown location ·

September 9, 2017 Comments Off on Come Thrifting With Me: Goodwill (L Street)

My friend, Mary, works only a few blocks away from the L Street Goodwill (in Sacramento). She’s been recommending I check it out for months and I finally took her up on the offer.

Midtown Sacramento is hipster central. It’s also state worker central. The L Street Goodwill has some of the hippest offerings and gets heavy traffic. The deals go quickly, so make like my friend Mary and stop in here often!

This Goodwill location has exposed brick walls, professional fixtures, and eye-catching imagery. The purses are easy and attractive to shop.

The shoes are also displayed along that covetable, exposed brick wall and I found plenty of shoes to covet, too.

Tops are organized by sleeveless, short sleeve, long sleeve, sweaters, and blazers/jackets. I was too excited by browsing to take many pictures.

Skirts and Shorts
As you know, I hate shopping for jeans or pants, so I stick to skirts and shorts when looking for bottoms. (If I could go bottomless, I probably would.)

I love to shop dresses, and this store had a whole wall of them, but I hate to shop a packed rack. I attempted to browse this section, but gave up when pulling one dress out caused three more to fall off.

Dressing Room
Let’s try on!

The sequin top was too thin, but I love the navy shirt with the lace front.

You can’t tell from my face, but I dig this knit tunic. The stripes are cream and navy and I think it will replace my black and white knit tunic that has a permanent stain. The black skirt, on the other hand, was not flattering.

I tried on five jackets/blazers but only the bolero fit right. And it was kind of an old lady polyester, so I passed. (My friend took the camo jacket home and now I wish I had not let it go!)

These very “patriotic” shorts were too tight.

Finally, I left the dressing room, but then saw a pair of olive drab shorts to try on. I went back in, nabbing my friend’s room as she exited, and also tried on the discarded jeans she left behind. I didn’t feel like taking my clothes off, again, so awkward photos ensued:

I left with the navy shirt ($5.99), knit tunic ($7.99), olive shorts ($6.99), and jeans ($17.99 – I guess because they are Lucky brand).

The selection at this Goodwill feels much like the one at Crossroads. It’s trendy and seasonal. The prices seem higher than other Goodwill stores. If I were to go again, I think I’d aim for a discount day (like 50% off on Labor Day). Then again, Mary says the cute stuff goes quickly, so you might miss out if you wait for a sale!

I’ve already worn two of my finds. You can read the full outfit post if you click on the image.

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