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Come Thrifting With Me: Eugene Goodwill Boutique

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November 9, 2017 Comments Off on Come Thrifting With Me: Eugene Goodwill Boutique

I was lucky enough to stay only a few blocks from the Goodwill Boutique, in Eugene, on business. Of course, I made time for a shop!

This was my first visit to a Goodwill Boutique. It was an upscale thrifting experience. Both the items and the display left no doubt that I was in a boutique, not the usual, cavernous, Goodwill.

I was charmed by the vignettes scattered about the store. The household items are grouped into attractive arrangements that tempted me to buy. I wondered if students from nearby University of Oregon’s School of Art + Design had a hand in creating the displays.

This is a curated selection of the usual Goodwill offerings. Like a normal thrift store, there is everything from Forever 21 to Coach. Unlike the normal thrift store, the selections were better considered and in better condition. Whether basics, trend items, or quirky pieces, it was all clean and damage free.

Most of the clothing was for adult women, including a rack and a half of plus sizes. There was a small men’s section. I didn’t notice any children’s clothing, but could have missed that. There were many bags and shoes for sale, both in centralized sections and scattered throughout the store.

A few of my favorite items as I browsed:

Dressing Room
Let’s try on!

I tried on the sparkly green sweater and a leather belt. And I took them both home!

The prices were higher than your usual Goodwill. I checked a few tags and most things were $12.99. The black beaded dress (pictured above), was over $100. (I think it was $120.) You are paying for the clean, curated experience. I thought it was worth it.

I love that Goodwill offers a range of experiences. The boutique is highest end, the usual store is in the middle, and the outlet is the bargain basement. (I have yet to visit an outlet, but have plans to go to the Sacramento store with my neighbor. I will wear the recommended gloves.) The boutique is perfect if you are overwhlemed by the usual store’s selection, but are willing to pay a bit more.

The Eugene Goodwill Boutique on Broadway is located at 685 E Broadway, Eugene, Oregon.

I’ve worn both of my Goodwill Boutique purchases. (In fact, I wore the belt the next day!) You can read the full outfit post if you click on the image.

November 10, 2017

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