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Pink Tassels

· Upholstery notions as jewelry ·

October 22, 2017 4 Comments

Why waste perfectly good tassels on a cushion? Much better to adorn one’s ears with them.

I have a pair of tassel earrings that I “made” by looping tassels from the notion section of the fabric store on ear wires. They get many comments. One woman, in her 60’s, complimented them and then said she wished she could wear earrings like that. I told her how simple they were to make and that she’d look lovely in a pair. She responded that she wouldn’t dare do so because she’d look like “a crazy old lady.” I didn’t think that was a bad thing and told her so. She shrugged off my encouragement.

These pink tassel earrings are even bolder (although I didn’t “make” them), but I’m not afraid of looking like a crazy old lady. In fact, I’d prefer that to “boring old lady” or “tired old lady” or “defeated old lady” or even “classy old lady.” Honestly, though, I don’t need earrings to look crazy. I’ve already got that covered.

Kimono, Carole Little (thrifted). Sweater, Joseph A (thrifted). Skirt, Billabong. Boots, Ariat. Sunglasses, Marc Jacobs. Earrings, Francesca’s. Bag, A+ designed by Aldo. Bag strap, Lam Gallery.

My self-assembled, olive tassel earrings:

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October 21, 2017

Kasmira Kit


  1. Michaela

    October 24, 2017

    I think those earrings are pretty fabulous, crazy or not!

    • Kasmira Kit

      October 24, 2017

      I really like them! Not too heavy, either.

  2. Gerrilyn Mitchell

    October 24, 2017

    What a clever idea for those tassel earrings! I went shopping for them about a year ago and was aghast at how much some stores wanted for them! Luckily I eventually found two different pairs at F21 for a reasonable price, and bought those on-line. Ironically, today was the first day I wore one of the pairs. They were a burgundy color, and I was trying to “fall up” my outfit on this day when it was 104 degrees outside. That’s Southern California for ya! Any way, thanks for the great earring idea!

    • Kasmira Kit

      October 24, 2017

      I’m in LA and it’s 102! Yuck!

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