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Layering Dress

· This dress was meant to layer ·

April 26, 2017 Comments Off on Layering Dress

Because this dress fabric is sheer, I must wear a layer underneath. I can settle for something boring, like a slip, or something a little more exciting, like a patterned tunic.

The neutral, floral pattern of this dress makes it a natural for pattern mixing. I love how the sheer fabric allows for a hint of the underlayer’s pattern to peek through. The more I wear this dress, the more I must wear something underneath because it seems to burst a seam every time I pull it out from the closet. I believe it’s handmade (I got it at a swap and there’s no label), so it’s a bit delicate. Time to run it through the sewing machine, again, before you get more than a “peek” at the underlayer.

Dress, swap. Tunic, Wet Seal. Belt, thrifted. Boots, Audrey Brooks (consignment). Sunglasses, Earthbound Trading Co. Jacket (below), INC (consignment).

April 27, 2017

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