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How to Wear Your Entire Closet

· Never let a garment languish, again ·

July 22, 2017 4 Comments

Is your closet a black hole? Have you ever fought your way to the back and found something you forgot you owned? Do you reach for the same things, over and over, and neglect the other three-quarters of your wardrobe?

Most of the outfit variety I seek is already in my wardrobe; I just need help finding it. By setting up a rotation of my skirts and dresses, I ensure that I’m considering each item for wear every 6-8 weeks.

I rotate three sections of my closet: skirts, work dresses, and play dresses. In each section, I pull from the end closest to the center of the closet and place worn items at the end closest to the closet wall. It’s a little like rotating the stock at the grocery store. The freshest items are always placed at the back so that the older ones are considered, first.

Because I mostly wear skirts and dresses, I chose these sections to rotate. It could also be done with other bottoms (jeans or pants) or with tops. I wear so few legged garments that I don’t bother. (My four pairs of nicer pants are hung and rotated with the skirts.) The tops take care of themselves as I rotate the skirt section.

If something seasonally inappropriate comes to the front (like my long wool skirt in August), I simply rotate it to the back. Now that I am travelling to different climates often, very little of my wardrobe is rejected because of the season. I might just send the wool skirt back a few paces for an upcoming trip to Alaska.

Some people (like Sheila of Ephemera), turn the hangers backwards as they wear items and then only choose from the correctly hung hangers until they work through their entire closet. I prefer the rotation because it removes some of the choice and creates a regular temporal distance between wears. With either method, it’s obvious when an item is routinely ignored. This is a nice prompt to consider removing it from your closet altogether.

Since I began my closet rotation, a few years ago, I’ve improved the efficiency of my wardrobe. Everything gets considered. Most things get worn. The duds are donated. Rotation helps me find infinite variety in a finite wardrobe.

July 23, 2017

Kasmira Kit


  1. Michaela

    July 24, 2017

    This is a fantastic idea. I might actually try this!

  2. Sheen V

    July 24, 2017

    Another trick to finding unworn clothes: at the beginning of the year (or the season), turn all of the hangers backwards (so they are hooked from the back of the rod). As the clothes are worn and re-hung, turn the hanger to hang from the front. By the end of the year (or season), it will be easy to identify what hasn’t been worn.

  3. Lorena

    July 24, 2017

    I’ve tried this in the past and am doing it again. I also “force” myself to wear certain items, at least ONE per week, just to see if they are keepers… most of the time I end up editing the item from my closet. Its part of the process.

  4. Toni Wilcox

    July 23, 2017

    I have always organized by color but I might break away from that rut and use this method to see if I get more use out of some of my less frequently worn, but loved, garments.

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