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Disneyland 3-Day Capsule (+ Pool)

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April 23, 2017 Comments Off on Disneyland 3-Day Capsule (+ Pool)

I stayed sunsmart (mostly) for three hot and sunny days in Disneyland.

The weather forecast predicted a high of 85 for Saturday, but temps topped out at 98 degrees! All three days of our long Disneyland weekend were warmer and sunnier than expected. I packed a hat and long-sleeved, collared shirt for our two days in the parks to protect my upper body from the sun. Look ma, no sunburn! (Despite making the poor decision to ditch the hat on Sunday.) I left my legs bare every day and hit the pool twice on Saturday (with SPF 50). I had just the right amount and type of clothing for all of our activities. My color palette was olive, black, white, brown, and denim.

These are the capsule items:

Vest (Sun & Shadow)
Button-front shirt (Forever 21)
Skirt (Forever 21)
Shorts (Forever 21)

Booties (Sam Edelman Circus)
Mules (Carlos Santana)
Flipflops (drugstore)

Woven fedora (street vendor)
Bandana (DSW)
Belt (thrifted)
Purse (A+ designed by Aldo)
Earrings – 3 (Stardust Remembered, Charming Charlie, and a tourist shop)
Belt (thrifted)
Sunglasses (Coco Sunglasses)

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Capsule evaluation
Pros: The mules gave me blisters, but the booties were perfect for the park. (I like to keep my feet as covered as possible so they stay clean.) I should have worn the hat every day, but I was feeling vain about my hair on Sunday and ended up shielding my part with a collapsible fan. The button-front shirt is one of my wardrobe workhorses. Although it’s a Forever 21 cheapie, it has lasted me many wearings and still looks good. I was glad to have the bandana on Sunday to shield my neck and chest without the hat.
Cons: The buttons on the denim skirt earn me a patdown at airport security. I wore it on both flights. Ugh. You can’t tell, but I brought only black underwear (to wear with white shorts). I wish I had thought that through! We were at the parks during Dapper Days and I wish I had dressed up for the event. I wasn’t slumming in a tee and flipflops, but I could have tried a bit harder. I always pack a bathsuit when I travel, but I never bring a tote for the pool. I’ll add that to my packing list for next time. All the better to hide my flask, poolside.

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