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Washington 6-Day New Year Capsule

· Casual, warm, and dry(ish) in Washington state ·

January 5, 2018 0 Comments

Eight degrees of latitude north equals much colder temperatures! And the Pacific Northwest means the usual rain, rain, rain.

Jasper and I drove 10 hours north to Washington state for a week, including the turning of the new year. We spent time with family and friends in Kelso and Seattle. It poured for two days and then cleared up just in time for me to catch the flu.

I packed a capsule of six casual outfits to mostly stay indoors with an occasional walk outside.

The capsule palette was black, white, red, brown, and turquoise. I, sensibly, brought a variety of outerwear: a hoodie/jacket, a raincoat, and a knit poncho.

These are the capsule items:

Hoodie/jacket (Obey – customized by my sister)
Raincoat (REI)
Poncho (thrifted – no label)
Kimono (Carole Little)
Sweater (Banana Republic)
Flannel shirt (Salt Valley)
Turtleneck (A New Day)
Long-sleeved tee (Gap)
Tank dress (Ginger)
Jeans (Lucky)
Cutoffs (Free People)
Miniskirt (London Jean)
Leggings – 3 (C9, Amour, and Mono B)

Booties (Vionic)
Boots (Vince Camuto)

Beanie (Who What Wear for Target)
Infinity scarf (gift)
Tote (El Paso Saddleblanket Co)

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Capsule evaluation

Pros: Not only did I love the color palette, but I matched my dog! Bonus points, for sure. I also found the items to be plenty warm, with the exception of a cold breeze up the miniskirt. However, I do think that is just an inherent risk when wearing a miniskirt. The items were also comfortable for a range of activities including dance parties with my nieces and nephew, snuggling Jasper on the couch, and brisk walks.

Cons: The tote does NOT work the hoodie/jacket. The jacket is too padded and embellished for the tote straps to remain comfortably on my shoulder. I love the tote for travel, but I needed a small cross-body bag (or even a hip bag) to wear with the thick jacket. The jeans were unnecessary and unflattering. I would rather have repeated the cutoffs/leggings combo.

Overall: One thumb up, one thumb sideways.

January 4, 2018
January 6, 2018

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