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Business Travel Silk

· All it needs is a good steam ·

May 18, 2017 Comments Off on Business Travel Silk

After three flights, two cities, and a drive, I was afraid this silk shirt would emerge from my suitcase a wrinkled mess.

I carefully folded this silk shirt around the skirt and placed it in the most protected part of my suitcase for the first two days of my trip. On day three, I steamed it in the shower and it looked pristine for my presentation. (By the end of the day, and another flight, it was admittedly a bit worse for the wear.)

Jacket, thrifted. Shirt, Banana Republic. Skirt, Merona. Boots, Vionic. Earrings, tourist shop. Bag, Anne Klein (thrifted).

My feet didn’t make it to Long Beach in as good of shape as the shirt. They were too swollen and sore from day two for me to try wearing my new flats on day three. Instead, I turned to my trusty ankle boots.

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