I was directed to wear black on black to work a couple of events today. My black trousers haven’t yet arrived, so everyone got a good look at my underthings as I lifted heavy objects from a squat position. (Thank goodness for pettipants!) You can dress me in all black, but you can’t make me classy!

Jacket, BCBG Max Azria (consignment). Scarf, souvenir from Holland. Vest, It’s Our Time (thrifted). Dress, Express. Necklace, Serket Jewelry. Shoes, Chelsea Crew.

Ugh, black is the worst for showing pet hair. Especially black velvet. I promise I lint rollered myself thoroughly before these pictures.
Photos by me, the tripod, and a remote.

December 8, 2016
December 10, 2016

Kasmira Kit


  1. ~J

    December 14, 2016

    You at least look classy. 😉

    Any suggestions on wearing black on black? I always feel like the blacks don’t look good together, and then I can’t tie it together with accessories. Maybe it’s just me and it doesn’t look as bad as I think, but I’m never confident enough to do it.

    • Kasmira Kit

      December 14, 2016

      I like it better when the blacks aren’t the same. Some variation makes the outfit interesting and can highlight your shape. I’m very good at pretending, and if the blacks are off, I just pretend I’m wearing black with dark gray with ink blue with midnight purple. 😉

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