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Best Substitute Ever

· I think they were sincere ·

March 27, 2017 Comments Off on Best Substitute Ever

I'm in 10th grade one day and 2nd grade, the next. Each grade level has its pros and cons.

I’m mostly not a fan of subbing elementary school. I prefer kids that don’t cry when another student tells them they have no eyebrows. (I suppose that could still happen in high school, but it’s less likely.) I do have to admit the younger students have a certain charm when, at the end of the day, they give you a group hug and tell you that you are the “best substitute ever.”

Jacket, INC (consignment). Shirt, Forever 21. Skirt, Flying Tomato (consignment). Boots, Sam Edelman Circus (consignment). Sunglasses, Marc Jacobs. Necklace, made by my friend. Bag, Rebecca Minkoff.

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