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October Progress Report

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October 31, 2017 Comments Off on October Progress Report

I have become an expert packer. I almost never forget an item at home and I pack items that can be paired multiple ways. In fact, I carried less stuff than Beefy on our Cincinnati/Orlando trip! (But he still forgot flip-flops.)

With an 11-day vacation this month, I didn’t get much “work” done, but I did have the chance to plan and execute my largest travel capsule, yet!

Posted every day.
Celebrated my 11th blogoversary!
Shared an 11-day capsule from our Cincinnati and Disney World vacation.
Took you thrifting with me at a True Weave

No action taken. My two October shoots are postponed.
Led five 1-day, one 90-minute, and half a 2-day seminar. (The other half of the 2-day seminar fell in November)

No action taken. Shame on me! I will make the most of time off around Thanksgiving and make some progress.

I submitted myself for a few roles and completed one video audition.

Pretty much no action taken. I’ve been using Thumbtack but have become disenchanted with the process. I have to pay a fee to submit quotes, and I don’t even book enough of those requests to pay for the quoting fees. I need to explore other platforms for connecting with clients.

In November, I’ll stay on the west coast. I’ll be in California for most of the month, but get to head up to Washington at the end. There will definitely be another travel capsule! And, although, you don’t see them, I ALWAYS bring flip-flops (and a bathing suit) for the hotel hot tub.

October 31, 2017
November 1, 2017

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