After finishing Pivot, by Jenny Blake, I can finally put a name to what I’m doing with my career: I’m in the pilot stage of the pivot cycle. What you see in the menu reflects most of the several projects I’m testing. I’m experimenting and gathering data to see what works. As I gain experience in each pilot, I’m reflecting on the three E’s: Enjoyment, Expertise, and Expansion. Each month, I plan to update my progress with the eight pilots.

Posted daily, with the exception of 11/29, but you get a two-fer dated 11/30 with this post.
Engaged with one sponsor, but she was unable to provide information on the manufacturing process and conditions.
Proposed a collaboration with another Sacramento blogger but received no response.

Shot a family portrait session at Apple Hill.
Proposed a barter with my dance studio, but received no response.
Created a Yelp page.

Attended the Toastmasters District conference.
Began process of becoming a Skillpath trainer.

Sold my first piece!

Applied to 5 agencies and was, so far, rejected by 2.
Acted in a short film.

Took no action other than creating the styling page on

I’m pursuing a few other paths not reflected on the website: re-entering the military and becoming a substitute teacher. I’m in the waiting stage for each of these. Waiting for MEPS, transcripts, and clearance paperwork for the military. Waiting for the Commission on Teaching Credentialing to review my package.

And spoiler alert: I’m planning on adding one or two more pilots in December.

On Wednesday, at Toastmasters, I gave a 12-minute presentation on Pivot and my own journey with the process so far. I told the group that the Pilot step is the most fun. And I am having a blast trying out different paths.

Have you gone through something similar?

November 30, 2016

Kasmira Kit


  1. Jessica

    December 3, 2016

    How funny! Jenny was a high school classmate (we were on student government together but weren’t that close). When I was a project manager in 2 community health centers, I ran a lot of pilot tests to figure out what had legs and how to refine. That experience really helped when I started freelancing in 2015. I feel like I’m still running pilot tests in my client mix and areas of work, to be honest. It’s the kind of mentality that makes a lot of sense to me and I doubt I’ll ever stop using the technique :). Best of luck and keep is updated!

    • Kasmira Kit

      December 6, 2016

      Small world, isn’t it? Pilots are so much fun and should probably never truly stop. I’m happy to hear you are doing it, too!

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