March Progress Report

· Long live spring! ·

March 31, 2017 Comments Off on March Progress Report

March is a month of transition. It began with bare branches, flowered, and ended in full leaf. I saw a similar growth in my portfolio. got a makeover in March! If you’re reading this post in an RSS feeder or on Facebook, pop over to the full site to take a look. Spring has sprung and I am welcoming new beginnings.

Posted daily.
Shared a 4-day (+ 2 travel days) business wardrobe capsule.
Took you shopping with me at Crossroads.

Photographed Marquita of Golden Glam Fairy

Won my club’s selection for the International Speech Contest.
Passed certification for Skillpath and will begin giving seminars in May.
Work that Wardrobe is now available for registration with the Learning Exchange (May 8th and 15th).

No action taken.

Auditioned for a short film.

Responded to requests with quotes, but no bookings.

In April, I have four photoshoots scheduled. I will also compete at the next level (Area) in the International Speech contest. Expect to see two more capsules as I have two trips planned this month. Aren’t makeovers great?

March 31, 2017
April 1, 2017

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