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June Progress Report

· The longest month ever ·

June 30, 2017 Comments Off on June Progress Report

Did June seem to last forever for you, too? It just went on and on and on. By the end, I think we were all pretending it was July already.

I love that I do something different every week. I’m in different locations, working on different competencies. It takes an enormous amount of energy, though, to constantly be switching and changing. The mental and emotional drain makes for some long days (and a long month!)

Posted every day, except June 15. (I didn’t leave my home office, all day.)
Shared my tips on staying covered, yet cool, this summer: Hot Weather Modesty.
Took you shopping with me at St Vincent de Paul and the Assistance League of Sacramento.

Worked on getting my photo galleries created. It’s slow going!

Led one 2-day and seven 1-day seminars on subjects including critical thinking, communication, team building, and workplace harassment.
Judged presentations at the California state 4-H Horse Classic.

No action taken.

Submitted three video auditions
Auditioned in person for a short film.

Submitted quotes but did not book any clients.

July is an entire day longer than June, but I have less scheduled. Let’s see if I can use that extra day to my advantage and get some of my important, but not urgent, tasks done and round out the neglected portions of my portfolio.

June 30, 2017

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