I was worried that Jauary would be slow, with holiday recovery and everyone broke, but I was wrong!

Posted almost daily (missed January 8th).
Answered two reader questions with blog posts: Comfy Out-and-About Outfit and Colorado Layers.
Updated the status of my Jeans Wardrobe

Shot a second boudoir session.
Shot photos for two local blogs, Lookie Boo and Rvde Gyal.

Took headshots for another local blogger and coach.

Observed my first Skillpath seminar and was invited to attend certification this spring.
Scheduled a personal style class with the Learning Exchange.
Met with my Toastmasters mentee to help her prepare for her second speech.

Updated my Layer It post.

Submitted video auditions for an infomercial, a health care training, and an Old West train excursion. (Awaiting decisions on the last two.)
Cast and performed in On the Precipice, an audio installation in the upcoming ArtStreet.

Styled my first client.
Signed up with Thumbtack and submitted multiple quotes with one hire. (However, that client cancelled.)

Iā€™m pursuing two other paths not reflected on the website: re-entering the military and substitute teaching. I finally made it to MEPS (Military Entrance Processing Station) for my physical, but I still have additional consults to complete as a 40+ woman. Iā€™m also still in the process of renewing my security clearance. I completed pre-employment paperwork for two school districts and have been cleared to teach in one, so far.

In February, I begin teaching and hopefully complete all the military prerequisites.

February 1, 2017

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