The beginning of December was productive, but my projects stagnated during the holidays. It seemed like everything was closed or everyone was on vacation.

Posted daily.
Partnered with Nakturnal on a sponsored post.
Applied to multiple blogger “agents,” but was rejected or ignored.
Met local blogger and restaurateur, Olia of Olia Moda and Skool. Made plans to partner in the future.
Planned and hosted a Meetup of the Sacramento Fashion and Style group at Article.
Shared one of my favorite blogs, The Suburb Experience, with my audience.
Attended a Sacramento Bloggers event.

Shot a boudoir session.
Shot photos for local blog, The Everyday Elevated.

Invited to pursue contract employment with Skillpath.
Proposed and was accepted for a personal style class with a local provider of adult education.

Connected with a local blogger who intends to begin a fashion and style magazine and is looking for contributors.

Submitted a video audition for a car commercial (but didn’t get it).

Took no action.

I’m pursuing a two other paths not reflected on the website: re-entering the military and becoming a substitute teacher. I’m still in the waiting stage for the military: waiting for MEPS, records, and clearance paperwork. The Commission on Teaching Credentialing awarded me my Emergency 30-Day Substitute Teaching Permit in late December. I’m in the hiring process with two school districts and my friend, a former principal, recommended a third district in which to teach.

In January, I have multiple photography assignments scheduled (including another budoir shoot!), I hope to begin teaching, and I’m finally scheduled for MEPS!

December 31, 2016
January 1, 2017

Kasmira Kit