Hunting Theme
fox waffle shirt camo buffalo plaid pompom beanie flannel red olive ootd whatiwore2day

I don’t love hunting, but I love a theme. In a rush, I tried the camo pants with the fox waffle, added the red and black buffalo plaid flannel, and realized I was on a roll. High heeled “hiking” boots and a beanie complete the costume. Flannel shirt, Salt Valley (consignment). Long-sleeved tee, Mossimo. Pants, […]

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Spend Your Fancy
faux fur hoodie fox beaded earring ootd

Since I’ve moved to Sacramento, my warm coats have been neglected, especially my fancy warm coats. I’m not sure what I’m saving them for. Surely, a walk along the river on New Year’s Day is worthy of vintage faux fur. Coat, Russell Taylor (vintage). Hoodie, Jo & Co Jeans (thrifted). Turtleneck, Gap (swap). Belt, thrifted. […]

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vintage fur collar pleather jacket ootd outfit

Let’s be honest: this jacket is a joke. It did nothing to keep me warm in freezing temps, walking around midtown. But it’s really cute, right? And I managed to zip it up. Well, zip it up to my boobs. I relied on this vintage fur from Beefy’s aunt to keep the upper half covered. […]

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Sudden Drop
poncho thrift stripes black white gray brown turtleneck ootd outfit whatiwore2day

After all the poncho talk on Tuesday (and looking at poncho pics on Pinterest), I couldn’t wait to try a double turtleneck look with my striped top and gray poncho today. (P.S. As of year 11, all of my outfits are on Pinterest, too!) I’m thankful for a sudden drop in temperatures that has made […]

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kimono thrift western boot style ootd whatiwore2day

I spent a few hours taking a standardized test, today. Things have come a long way since the Scantron bubble sheets of my childhood. While I was happy to avoid the hand cramps of tediously, but completely, filling in the bubbles with a number two pencil, a computer test doesn’t leave me with the same […]

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I’m sure you’ll be surprised to hear I can sometimes over think an outfit. Today, I reminded myself to “Keep It Simple, Stupid,” and selected a fit and flare dress, denim vest, leggings, and my favorite western boots. Vest, Tinseltown (cut from a consignment jacket). Dress, Shein. Leggings, Amour. Boots, Ariat. Sunglasses, Charming Charlie. Bag, […]

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Nice Outfit

I felt really good about this outfit because an old man in the produce section of Raley’s said, “Nice outfit!” Granted, I was reaching overhead for a plastic bag at the time and my skirt was probably riding up a bit . . . but I’ll take the compliment. Hat, Nine West. Vest, AC-3998 (cut […]

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