bandana neckerchief smokey the bear red denim jacket ootd whatiwore2day

I wore a bandana around my neck all summer, folded into a triangle to protect my nape from the high altitude sun. When I was hot, I would wet it in a stream or with my water bottle and use the magic of evaporation to cool me down. The Clothes Horse inspired me to wear […]

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Day of the Dead western cowgirl boots ootd whatiwore2day

This striped tunic came from a clothing swap at the Mockbee (in Cincinnati) in 2011. I used to be really into clothing swaps – online, at events, and with my friends. Today, inspired by this old favorite, I planned a clothing swap for my Sacramento peeps on March 19th. I’m looking forward to the closet […]

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Over It
western boots serape scarf

I battling some hard core SAD. This winter has been our wettest and grayest, yet. The reservoirs are full but my energy is depleted. I need to recharge my batteries with some sunshine, please! (I’m ready to order a light and would love your recommendations!) Jacket, Jessica Simpson (thrifted). Scarf, consignment. Sweater, Potion (thrifted). Skirt, […]

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Speech Judge
pattern mix zebra polka dot floral kimono ootd whatiwore2day business creative

This morning, I had the pleasure of judging the Sacramento AAUW speech contest. Five high school students delivered speeches in response to the following prompt: Is it time to pass the Equal Right Amendment? If so, how can this be accomplished? How can organizations such as AAUW help in getting this amendment ratified once and […]

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Historic Folsom
denim jacket maxi skirt outfit ootd whatiwore2day

In my downtime, I’m researching photo locations for sessions with clients. Today, I visited Historic Folsom. Other than the river and maybe the train station, it isn’t a great spot to shoot portraits. But I enjoyed the sunshine, the scenery, and a porter at the Folsom Hotel bar. Jacket, Jessica Simpson (thrifted). Skirt, Flying Tomato […]

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star wars hat beanie skull sunglasses floral scarf kimono polka dot

As I prepared for my first mammogram, I googled more information about the procedure and, of course, WHAT TO WEAR TO A MAMMOGRAM! I don’t think the technicians really care what you’re wearing. But the advice is to wear a two piece outfit (i.e. not a dress/romper/overalls), so that you can at least keep your […]

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pleather bomber gray dress ootd whatiwore2day

I now know all about Basic Pest Management in the School and Child Care Settings. I’ll give you the CliffsNotes: the answers to all your pest problems are door sweeps and microfiber cloths. This is what I wore to learn about Integrated Pest Management. (Thankfully, there was no practical application required.) Jacket, H&M (thrifted). Shirt, […]

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Pink Labia Hats
poncho scarf outfit gray black white red

True story: I thought the “pink pussy” hats promoted on the Sacramento Women’s March’s Facebook page were hats topped with knitted labias. The page offered free knitting patterns, but that sounded way too complicated for a non-knitter to tackle. (I did like the thought of a how such a hat could be personalized.) With no […]

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Super Stylin
scarf denim jacket style white sweater tunic ootd whatiwore2day

Ten years ago, a woman approached me at Dillard’s and asked me to help her choose accessories for her Derby dress. I had so much fun helping her select shoes, a bag, a hat, and a wrap. At the time, the prospect of styling others for a living was only a fantasy. Today, my dream […]

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gray cowl neck mint tweed denim jacket ootd whatiwore2day style

I met a friend at Goodwill to help her find a formal dress. It didn’t occur to either of us that Monday was a holiday. And it didn’t occur to me that the Goodwill would be having its usual holiday sale. All donated merchandise was 50% off and there were no parking spaces or carts […]

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