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3 Days 3 Ways: Houndstooth Sweater Skirt

· Black and white and warm and stretchy ·

remix 3 days 3 ways daily outfit blog ootd whatiwore2day houndstooth sweater knit skirt

This knit, black and white skirt was a thrifty gift from Beefy’s sister. She’s got an eye for the unusual and versatile.

I wore the skirt three days in a row. I was supposed to wear it in a sequence of business casual outfits, but my speaking contract was cancelled. Instead, I got to have a little fun with it back home. First, I went casual with pattern mixing, denim, novelty tights and black and brown. Second, I hiked and glammed it up for a speech at my Toastmasters club. Finally, I paid homage to my redneck roots (I grew up in a logging town), with a puffy vest, flannel, and “hiking” boots. I could have worn the skirt another day (or two), but I’ve got other winter garments begging to be worn before spring is here.

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4 Days 4 Ways: Trench Dress

· Dress, vest, dress, vest ·

trench dress remix daily outfit blog ootd whatiwore2day

I bought this White House Black Market trench dress at Article Consignment. It’s missing a belt, but is otherwise in perfect condition. I immediately saw its layering potential.

I wore the dress four days in a row. First, I wore it, buttoned, over a too-short dress for a seminar in Sacramento. Second, still in Sac, I wore it, open, over my faux Missoni dress, accented with a furry scarf. On day three, in Santa Rosa, I buttoned it up again and wore an olive, silk blouse underneath and a short, kimono-style jacket on top. (The jacket is another versatile piece. See 3 Days 3 Ways with the kimono.) Day four, in San Jose, I wore it open, again, with a blouse and almost-mini skirt. Admittedly, I was a little sick of it after four days, but I’m looking forward to future combinations.

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3 Days 3 Ways: Mixed Print Dress

3 days 3 ways remix daily outfit blog ootd whatiwore2day

This dress is part of the Peter Som DesigNation collection for Kohl’s. I’ve had fun remixing it for the past three years. The latest three outfits were worn all in row. First, I played with pattern by replacing the self belt with one in a contrasting print and carrying a palm print bag. Then, I topped it with a button-front shirt, tied at the waist. Finally, I wore a military-style jacket on top. I’ve used this dress as a base in over a dozen outfits. It has certainly earned its keep!

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I’ve topped the dress with a jacket, before, and with a knotted shirt, before, but my favorite way to style it has been with a patterned belt (or patterned scarf as a belt).

3 Days 3 Ways: Short Kimono Jacket

· Sacramento, Dallas, Houston, Long Beach ·

multiple style outfits ootd kimono jacket whatiwore2day remix

I found this short, kimono-style jacket at a thrift store in Cincinnati. It’s unlined and has no tag. It may have been homemade. I’m certain that whomever donated did not expect it to be worn as a topper in dozens of outfits. The latest three outfits were worn all in row. First, I wore it over a casual dress to fly from Sacramento to Houston (via Dallas). Next, I wore it over a more formal dress to present an 8 hour workshop in Houston. Finally, I wore it with a shirt and skirt to present the workshop, again, in Long Beach. It’s been a surprisingly versatile thrift find!

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