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Come Thrifting with Me

Take a virtual shopping trip with me to my favorite second-hand stores in the Sacramento area. Occasionally, I also review thrift stores I visit on my travels away from home.

Come Thrifting With Me: Snowline (Sacramento)

· New location on Arden Way ·

snowline thrift store review whatiwore2day

My neighbor is an enabler. She’s also a teacher and asks me to thrift often in search of books and games for her classroom. I’m not such a selfless thrifter, but I feel a little better about my hoarding when the profits benefit others. Snowline Hospice operates five thrift stores (four in El Dorado County and one in Sacramento County) as well as its Reuse & Processing (RAP) Center in Placerville. All proceeds from Snowline enterprises go to help support the mission of Snowline: supporting patients who are experiencing chronic, serious illness, those near end-of-life and loved ones experiencing grief. Snowline’s newest store is on Arden Way, in Sacramento.

The housewares were very well merchandised. There was a Valentine’s themed display immediately upon entering the store. To the left, more housewares were grouped by color, making them so much more fun to shop.

Little effort was put into merchandising the clothing, with the exception of an attractive accessories display and a small vintage section.

This is the place to thrift housewares, books, games, toys, and furniture. (Also, if you collect Campbell’s Soup memorabilia, there is an entire display of the genre.) At least two-thirds of the store is devoted to non-clothing items.

The selection of clothing was adequate. There were items for men, women, and children. I wasn’t too excited about anything I found on the racks, though. There were almost no dresses or skirts. All the tops were lumped together – regardless of type – and that made them difficult to shop.

A few of my favorite items as I browsed:

Dressing Room
I tried nothing on. I just couldn’t get excited about the clothing, especially when they were not well-segregated and there were so few skirted garments. Instead, I just added some pots to my cart and those don’t need a try on before buying.

Prices were on the low side. Housewares were individually marked and clothing was priced by type. (I was quite confused by the price of swimwear, $6, because that was far more than any other clothing type and you get so much less fabric.)

We were there for a 50% off housewares sale. I recommend visiting on the first Saturday of the month for 50% off everything.

The Arden WaySnowline Thrift Store is located at 3133 Arden Way, Sacramento, California.

Come Thrifting With Me: Eugene Goodwill Boutique

· The best stuff is on Broadway ·

eugene goodwill boutique broadway thrifting daily outfit blog whatiwore2day

This was my first visit to a Goodwill Boutique. It was an upscale thrifting experience. Both the items and the display left no doubt that I was in a boutique, not the usual, cavernous, Goodwill.

I was charmed by the vignettes scattered about the store. The household items are grouped into attractive arrangements that tempted me to buy. I wondered if students from nearby University of Oregon’s School of Art + Design had a hand in creating the displays.

This is a curated selection of the usual Goodwill offerings. Like a normal thrift store, there is everything from Forever 21 to Coach. Unlike the normal thrift store, the selections were better considered and in better condition. Whether basics, trend items, or quirky pieces, it was all clean and damage free.

Most of the clothing was for adult women, including a rack and a half of plus sizes. There was a small men’s section. I didn’t notice any children’s clothing, but could have missed that. There were many bags and shoes for sale, both in centralized sections and scattered throughout the store.

A few of my favorite items as I browsed:

Dressing Room
Let’s try on!

I tried on the sparkly green sweater and a leather belt. And I took them both home!

The prices were higher than your usual Goodwill. I checked a few tags and most things were $12.99. The black beaded dress (pictured above), was over $100. (I think it was $120.) You are paying for the clean, curated experience. I thought it was worth it.

I love that Goodwill offers a range of experiences. The boutique is highest end, the usual store is in the middle, and the outlet is the bargain basement. (I have yet to visit an outlet, but have plans to go to the Sacramento store with my neighbor. I will wear the recommended gloves.) The boutique is perfect if you are overwhlemed by the usual store’s selection, but are willing to pay a bit more.

The Eugene Goodwill Boutique on Broadway is located at 685 E Broadway, Eugene, Oregon.

I’ve worn both of my Goodwill Boutique purchases. (In fact, I wore the belt the next day!) You can read the full outfit post if you click on the image.

Come Thrifting With Me: True Weave

· Not too fancy for me ·

thrift store review shopping daily outfit blog whatiwore2day

When I worked in salon sales, I walked by this store often, but assumed it was a hipster boutique based on the sign and merchandise I saw on the outside rack. “Too fancy for me,” I thought. Thankfully, my friend, Mary, showed me otherwise. It IS hip. And it IS a boutique. But it’s a hip second-hand boutique and priced just right for me!

The merchandising game is strong at True Weave. It was the store’s sharp visual presence that fooled me into thinking it was out of my league. Outside the store, you’ll find a sale rack, cleverly displayed accessories, and tempting ensembles. Inside, the items are grouped by type and accented with chandeliers, creatively styled mannequins, and an armoire overflowing with shoes and scarves.

Although there were a few new items, most of the offerings are second-hand. The selection is mostly for adult women. The items are arranged in a boutique-y manner – not the simplest to shop, but stimulating to the eye. About half of the offerings are arranged by type and then size.

I did enjoy the “Staff Picks” and “Fabulous Finds” racks.

What stood out was the great number of shoes and PLUS SIZES! The number two barrier I hear from readers to thrift shopping is that there aren’t enough larger sizes represented. At True Weave, there are multiple racks dedicated to generous sizes.

A few of my favorite items as I browsed:

Dressing Room
Let’s try on!

Spoiler: I loved everything except the khaki dress. Both the color and the fit were unflattering. I found myself belting it and considering dyeing it before realizing that was way too much work!

The prices were reasonable, but not dirt cheap. The items I tried on (and purchased) were priced as follows:
Forever 21 pink sweater – $5.98
Old Navy striped dress – $6.98
XOXO pleather jacket – $14.98
DKNY Jeans velvet blazer – $7.98

I was not shopping on a sale day. The store does offer a discount to government employees (but not veterans/military) and often has sales. I signed up for the rewards program and now get texted coupons and sale alerts. The most recent sale was 50% off, store-wide on September 30th. If the prices put you off, wait for a sale, or visit one of the discount racks:

The selection at True Weave is clean, damage-free, and on-trend. The proceeds benefit programs and services that empower survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. I’ll be back for the next sale (Columbus Day? Halloween? Black Friday?) I hope to see you there, too!

I’ve worn all four of my True Weave purchases. You can read the full outfit post if you click on the image.

P.S. What do you think of the new “Come Thrifting with Me” format?

Come Thrifting With Me: Goodwill (L Street)

· Sacramento Midtown location ·

thrift store review l street goodwill sacramento whatiwore2day

Midtown Sacramento is hipster central. It’s also state worker central. The L Street Goodwill has some of the hippest offerings and gets heavy traffic. The deals go quickly, so make like my friend Mary and stop in here often!

This Goodwill location has exposed brick walls, professional fixtures, and eye-catching imagery. The purses are easy and attractive to shop.

The shoes are also displayed along that covetable, exposed brick wall and I found plenty of shoes to covet, too.

Tops are organized by sleeveless, short sleeve, long sleeve, sweaters, and blazers/jackets. I was too excited by browsing to take many pictures.

Skirts and Shorts
As you know, I hate shopping for jeans or pants, so I stick to skirts and shorts when looking for bottoms. (If I could go bottomless, I probably would.)

I love to shop dresses, and this store had a whole wall of them, but I hate to shop a packed rack. I attempted to browse this section, but gave up when pulling one dress out caused three more to fall off.

Dressing Room
Let’s try on!

The sequin top was too thin, but I love the navy shirt with the lace front.

You can’t tell from my face, but I dig this knit tunic. The stripes are cream and navy and I think it will replace my black and white knit tunic that has a permanent stain. The black skirt, on the other hand, was not flattering.

I tried on five jackets/blazers but only the bolero fit right. And it was kind of an old lady polyester, so I passed. (My friend took the camo jacket home and now I wish I had not let it go!)

These very “patriotic” shorts were too tight.

Finally, I left the dressing room, but then saw a pair of olive drab shorts to try on. I went back in, nabbing my friend’s room as she exited, and also tried on the discarded jeans she left behind. I didn’t feel like taking my clothes off, again, so awkward photos ensued:

I left with the navy shirt ($5.99), knit tunic ($7.99), olive shorts ($6.99), and jeans ($17.99 – I guess because they are Lucky brand).

The selection at this Goodwill feels much like the one at Crossroads. It’s trendy and seasonal. The prices seem higher than other Goodwill stores. If I were to go again, I think I’d aim for a discount day (like 50% off on Labor Day). Then again, Mary says the cute stuff goes quickly, so you might miss out if you wait for a sale!

I’ve already worn two of my finds. You can read the full outfit post if you click on the image.

Come Thrifting With Me: St. Vincent’s Super Thrift (Reno)

· It’s actually in Sparks, NV ·

st vincents super thrift store review whatiwore2day sparks nevada

The Super Thrift occupies a former JC Penney building. The retail area doesn’t fill the entire space, but does occupy at least 60% of it. (The remainder seems to be dedicated to storage and sorting.) Still, there is plenty of real estate to shop!

This was my first and last stop. I took a few pictures when I first entered the store. On the way out, I browsed one more time and found a purse that hadn’t been hanging there 45 minutes earlier! It was all mine! Bwahahahaha!

Women’s Sleeveless Tops $3
There was no confusion on the pricing as most of the sections were clearly labelled with the type and price.

Women’s Dresses $6
There were plenty of dresses to choose from. I took the blush pink number to the dressing room to try on, hoping it would “work” for work.

Women’s Short-Sleeved Tops $3
The long- and short-sleeved tops and sweaters were all kind of mixed up. I’m doing my best to sort them for you, here. I might have gone for the sheer kimono top if it hadn’t been an 18W. Actually, I should have tried it on, anyway. My loss.

Women’s Long-Sleeved Tops $3
Please, let someone come and buy that last blouse – the one that looks like it came from Little House on the Prairie. It’s so deliciously kitschy.

Women’s Sweaters $4
Just say “no” to the Wifey sweatshirt. But say “yes” to a nautical sweater and a houndstooth cardigan. (Upon consideration, I wonder why I didn’t try on that cardigan. As I write this recap, I find more and more items I want to go back for.)

Women’s Blazers $5
I’m always looking for a fresh blazer to add to my lineup.

Women’s Skirts $4 and Shorts $4
I didn’t find any noteworthy shorts, but I did find some really terrible skirts (including two that I tried on). Spoiler: I did not try on the high-low eyelet skirt or the hot-air balloon print skirt. I also passed on the sparkly butt denim mini.

Vinny’s Boutique
I was disappointed with the “hand-picked, special items” on this rack. I did choose one top to try on, but my on-the-rack picture of it was blurry. You’ll have to keep scrolling to see it!

Burning Man
I was even more disappointed in this rack. I was expecting crazy costumes, but it held only swimsuits.

Dressing Room
Let’s try on! (And we’ll visit the shoes and the rest of the store, afterwards.)

The sequin top was uncomfortably itchy and the western vest was too big.

The white, peplum top is from the Vinny’s Boutique section, but I couldn’t zip it up in back due to my enormous rack. The leopard shirt was ok, but I have a nicer, silk version at home.

The pink dress and the gray blazer are too small. Boo. I thought about buying the blazer anyway and never trying to fasten the front, but the arms looked sausagey.

This sweater, though, is a hit! It’s a silk blend, faux wrap with cream stripes on a black background.

Both of these skirts were misses. I don’t know if I could have chosen less flattering skirts if I had tried.

It was a little disappointed to only find one winner in the dressing room. Let’s hit up shoes and housewares to see if things improve.

The shoe department was organized by gender and age, but that seemed to be it. Styles and sizes were all mixed up. Still, I persevered with my browsing and even tried on a pair of boots. (Too small.)

Housewares and more
There is a large selection of furniture, dishes, artwork, books, and “more.” For example, this store had a grandfather clock, an artist easel, and a ship wheel for sale.

Two of my favorite finds are below. The first is a framed photo of dolls. Because collecting dolls isn’t creepy enough. No. You also need to photograph your dolls and display the picture as you would one of your grandchildren. The second is a copy of Arizona Highways from 1974. It’s older than I am! And in pristine condition. It was 75¢ new, but only 50¢ used. This issue is all about southwestern jewelry design. I took it home. (But not the doll picture.)

This store was well merchandised with a driftwood chandelier and a wooden wagon, but my favorite bit of styling was the combination of a pair of leather sandals and a toupee, on an endcap in the decorative container section.

I was charmed by the juxtaposition and immediately tried on the sandals. (I should have tried on the toupee, too.) Don’t they look great with black socks?

My final selections:

I really enjoyed visiting this thrift store. It has a boutique feel with the low lighting and decor, but is not lacking in quirky finds or terrific deals.

Come Thrifting With Me: Colfax Avenue arc (Denver)

· Worth a second visit ·

arc colfax denver thrift store whatiwore2day

When I first considered the traveling speaker life, I wondered what I’d do with myself in the evenings. Would I read post-apocalyptic fiction? Chat up strangers in the hotel bar? Dance at local ballet studios? No. I planned to hit the local thrift stores and gather treasures from around the U.S.

In practice, I spend the evenings either traveling to the next location, studying for the next day’s seminars or passing the eff out. My thrifting fantasies have been lost in a haze of exhaustion. On this particular trip, I spent the weekend in Denver, following a Friday seminar, and made my thrifting dreams come true with a visit to the Colfax Avenue arc Thrift Store on Sunday.

There are 25 arc stores along the Colorado Front Range. I’ve only been to this location (and I’ve been here twice). I can’t speak to the other stores, but the Colfax Avenue location is large, well-lit, and full of treasures.

The store is divided into the usual sections: dresses, skirts, sweaters, jackets, long-sleeved tops, short-sleeved tops, etc. I was fighting a food coma after gorging at Casa Bonita (more sopapillas!) and didn’t do a thorough job of photographing the weird and wonderful. I got only a few pics of some of my favorites:

Because I was flying home, I was restricted to purchasing soft, light-weight items. Still, I dreamt of taking this train painting and owl clock home with me.

Beefy is relieved that I did not buy the painting or the clock.

Dressing Room
Let’s try on!

I never shop the jeans section, but this pair of pink London Jean pants literally fell of the rack as I walked past. I took that as a sign and added them to my stack.

I tried on three skirts. The first two were way too tight and short. I’ll do tight and I’ll do short, but not both at once. The second one was a little loose, but the ultimate deal breaker was that it doesn’t fit with my wardrobe color palette.

I tried on two, white, sheer, boho blouses. The first one was missing a button in a critical place. My friend Erin found the second one, misplaced in a random section, and I love it!

Finally, I tried on this striped top with faux suede elbows and shoulder detail.

I left the store with the pink jeans ($7.99), second boho blouse ($5.99), and striped shirt ($4.99). None of my items had a white tag (the deal of the day). The prices were a little higher than I like to see in a thrift store, but I’m happy to contribute to the arc’s mission of enhancing “the lives of individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities and their families.” I’m also satisfied that I’m finally taking advantage of my travels to share “Thrift Stores of the United States” with you. Stay tuned for a report from Reno!

Come Thrifting With Me: Assistance League of Sacramento

· The Nordstrom of thrift stores ·

assistance league sacramento fabulous finds fulton whatiwore2day thrifting blogger

The Assistance League of Sacramento’s Fabulous Finds on Fulton impresses from the outside. The building looks new and tidy in gray stucco with ornamental canopies. Inside, it’s arranged like a vintage boutique, with clothing on the right and housewares on the left. The nicest items are grouped in displays at the front of the store. As I walked in, I overheard another shopper introducing her friend to the shop: “This is the Nordstrom of thrift stores.”

The nicest, new-with-tags, and/or designer items are located at the front of the store and marked with green tags. $20 was the most common price I saw on Signature items.

As you can no doubt gather from the number of pictures, the most interesting items were in the Signature section. However, I was feeling poor, so I only chose one item from the front to try on.

New Arrivals and Active Wear
The newest items and active wear are located on racks, near the register, about halfway back from the front door. The new items were a bit of a yawn and I didn’t look at active wear.

Shoes and Belts
The shoe selection isn’t large, but it’s very nice. I saw a number of pairs that I would have snagged if they had been in my size! I did find a pink belt to take to the dressing room.

The purses were also displayed nicely, but I was not tempted.

The scarves DID tempt me – especially the one printed with cats. I tried to get my neighbor to buy it, but I was unsuccessful. (She has more cats than I do. I’m down to three. Zoro passed away earlier this month.) I seriously considered the rodeo bandana. I’m judging a 4-H speech contest this month, but it might be too “on the nose” if I wore that.

As usual, the jewelry is displayed in and on glass cases surrounding the register. I bought the moon earrings.

The bargains are found at the back of the store. Like items are grouped together and were mostly priced at $5.

Jeans, skirts, pants, and shorts each had their own rack.

Tops and Dresses
Tops were organized by sleeve length and blazers seemed to be racked with long-sleeved shirts. I had to look for the dress rack. It was at the edge of the housewares section. (No pictures of the dress rack worth sharing. I seemed to have been Shakey McShakey-hands with the iPhone camera on this excursion!)

Dressing Room
Let’s try on!

This Zara dress fits in the waist, but I could fit another set of boobs in the top. I really like the black, nylon tee with sheer shoulders.

I debated this skort. In the end, I felt the fabric was too thick, especially with the shorts + skirt.

The halter top was too sheer (although you can’t tell in the dark dressing room photos) and the blazer was comically too small! (But you can see the pink belt that I ended up buying.)

I’m not normally a white, button-front shirt fan, but the black cuffs, collar, and button placket make this something special.

I wasn’t that interested in housewares, this trip. I did note the book selection and the crafting supplies. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many sewing and knitting items at a thrift store.

I left the store with the white shirt, black tee, pink belt, and moon earrings for around $30. (The white shirt was $20.) The deals weren’t as good as my last thrifting trip, but the selection and experience were more upscale. I earned three stamps on my Thrifty Shopper card and felt good about contributing to the Assistance League’s philanthropic programs.

Come Thrifting With Me: St Vincent de Paul

· An old favorite ·

saint vincent de paul thrift store shop daily outfit blog whatiwore2day

Goodwill and Thrift Town are the flashy thrift stores in Sacramento. They have multiple locations, advertise, and boast the biggest parking lots. The single Sacramento location of St Vincent de Paul is easy to miss on Watt Avenue, but worth the u-turn. The store is bigger than it looks and the prices can’t be beat.

Specialty Room
Immediately upon entering, the Specialty Room is on the left. It holds the designer and vintage items. (But there are even more vintage items in another section.)

My neighbor Amanda has no idea she is now on my blog. Speaking of Amanda, I suggested she wear this fringe skirt to teach her 5th graders. I was tempted by the bejeweled and jewel-print blouse.

The black linen skirt wasn’t my size. The suede skirt looks very much like the one I already own. I didn’t see any “big name” designers in here, but I wasn’t really looking.

Two rooms on the immediate right, after entering, hold scarves, bags, hats, and shoes. Shoes are also shelved elsewhere in the store. There were so. many. shoes. Belts are at the end of racks in the main part of the store. (I snagged two.) I bought a bunch of cosmetic cases to hold my various cords and remotes for my speaking gigs. The jewelry items are in and on a glass case surrounding the checkout.

Sky-high heels no longer tempt me. But I’m kicking myself for leaving the leopard, pompom trimmed scarf behind. I bought the sort-of-camo clutch on the bottom right of the shelf for travel.

Belts, belts, belts (including the two I bought).

Obnoxious belt buckles and shell necklaces are so cool, even if not my style.

I was still searching for a new denim skirt. The selection was fairly small.

Just to be clear, these are WOMEN’S skirts. I put this olive, studded number in my cart to try on. This white skirt is 100% cotton and could be dyed another color.

The denim skirts were all crotch scrapers. Black tulle, anyone? The polka dot Talbots skirt was classy.

The dress selection was similarly small. The rack was only about 12 feet long. However, with both the dresses and skirts, many of these garments could be found in the Specialty Room or the Vintage and Premium section.

Once again, the “Women’s” is probably unnecessary. I’m always tempted by these prison dresses, but they look terrible on me.

The regular dress section was small, but a good selection of wedding dresses, formal dresses, and fur coats could be found along the adjacent wall/window.

Work-Out Outfits/Scrubs
My workout clothes are never in any shape to donate when I’m done with them. However, I’ve found almost brand-new gear from other people at the thrift store. I picked up a terry-cloth skirt to try on. I need more running skirts/shorts for the hot weather.

Vintage and Premium
This was my FAVORITE section! There was one long, low rack and one long, tall rack separated by a wall of shoes. (I’m not sure if the shoes were “vintage and premium” or just happened to be there.) I found so many treasures.

So much “vintage and premium!” The satin shirt had a lovely drape and an obnoxious pattern. I think the boots just happen to be located in this section.

Sequin tops make me think of Vegas. I think one of the daughters wore these envelope waist shorts on Just the Ten of Us. It’s the wrong season to be shopping for polar bear jackets.

I think you already know that I bought the ethnic maxi skirt. My neighbor said she had a poncho like this as a child.

Women’s Clothing
The rest of the women’s clothing is organized into a large section near the front register. It’s neatly categorized by type, size, and color.

My car was already filling up by the time I hit the main women’s clothing section. I thought this chain print cami might look nice under a blazer. I’ve liked zombies from way before they were cool.

Speaking of cool, I’m not cool enough for a skull-print, denim shirt. I am cool enough for olive gingham. I think this leopard blazer was too big.

I was confused by all the strings hanging from these shorts. Silk blouse alert!

Housewares, Furniture, Books
Half of the store is housewares, furniture, and books. I really enjoy the book selection. It’s somewhat organized and vast.

Dressing Room
Let’s try on!

Even though this skirt is a little big, I want it! The shorts are also too big, but I will keep them just to pair with tops in the dressing room.

I love this navy striped shirt with the crochet trim. I also love the way this poncho looks, but not how it feels. (Scratchy!)

Both of these items are too small. I’d have to remove half a shoulder for the top to fit and a few ribs (and maybe a kidney) for the skirt to fit.

The sweater looks unflattering with a sports bra, but I see potential. The skirt is way too big.

You can’t tell from my face, but I like both the gingham shirt and the terry skirt.

Both these items are comically small. I can’t button the shirt and I can barely zip the skirt. Pass!

The already low prices are even lower, depending on the day of the week and the current color tag promotions. I shopped on a Sunday. Clothing with a green tag was 25 cents. Items with a blue tag were 50% off and those with a pink tag were 25% off.

The clothing I bought rang up as follows (after the tag discount):

Ethnic maxi skirt: $8

Navy and white striped shirt: $2

Gray sweater: 25¢

Olive gingham shirt: $4

Terry skirt: $2.50.

You can earn an additional discount by signing up for the Sacramento St Vincent de Paul email list. (I believe it’s 15%) I receive an email about twice a week and they are usually sale alerts. (The sales are also announced on the store’s Facebook page.) I love St Vincent de Paul!

I’ve already worn five of my new items (including the white, woven belt). You can see the full outfit post by clicking on the below images:

Come Thrifting With Me: Family Tree Thrift Shoppe

· My neighborhood thrift store ·

Family Tree Thrift Shoppe Sacramento California thrifting shopping whatiwore2day

I run across my old clothing every time I shop at Family Tree Thrift Shoppe because this is where I donate my stuff! I just drop in before or after my grocery shopping at Raley’s and leave a few bags behind. I donate more than I shop. When I do shop, I have the most success in housewares and books. For this post, though, I made a dedicated effort to shop the clothing and show you what I found

Jackets and Coats
I found my old, Forever 21 denim jacket hanging here, as well as a satin blazer and a sheer bolero I was tempted to take home.

Skirts and Shorts
I’m still looking for a denim skirt to replace the last one I thrifted (and then ripped). I found one candidate and three pairs of shorts to try on.

Nicer & Newer, Tank Tops, Long Sleeve, Swim Wear, Sleep & Lingerie, Bras
I browsed these sections but didn’t find anything to photograph or take to the dressing room. That’s pretty typical of my experience, here. For the most part, the clothes are plain and a little tired. The weirdest stuff probably comes from my donations.

I browsed this section and found the most interesting items, but also those in the worst condition or made of the nastiest fabrics. I was intrigued by the Beetlejuice shirt (but it was polyester) and the sequin tank (but it was unraveling at the hem). In the first photo, you can also see the large selection of baby clothing.

The dress section is pretty hit or miss here. I found a few things intriguing enough to photograph, this time. And I took a knit tunic to the dressing room (but not the one pictured, below).

New Merchandise
This store carries some new merchandise items, mostly cheap imports. I almost always browse the new jewelry (as well as the second-hand), but have not bought anything. I was tempted by a pair of red earrings with tassels, but the threads looked loose and uneven.

Housewares and Books
Because the clothing usually disappoints, I focus on housewares and books during my regular visits. I didn’t browse these sections during this visit, but I’ve often had good luck. Some of the books I took on my Sierra summer were purchased here.

Dressing Room
I took three pairs of shorts, a denim skirt, a knit tunic, and a dress I pulled off a mannequin into the dressing room.

The shorts were so frustrating. I hate inconsistent sizing. I tried on a pair of Old Navy shorts in size 4, Roxy shorts in size 7, and Xhilaration shorts in size 9. They were all too small, but the Xhilaration shorts at least fastened.

I’m accustomed to Old Navy’s vanity sizing, so I honestly thought a pair of size 4 shorts would fit. No way.

Thanks for making me feel fat, Roxy.

The Xhilaration flag shorts were too fitted for my tastes.

This denim skirt was also way too tight.

This knit tunic was too short and also had unflattering gathers. I don’t need any help creating a muffin top.

Finally, a winner! This blue and white, zigzag stripe Milly dress was less than $8! The bra and tanline situation is a little awkward on its own, but the dress is perfect for layering over and under.

Finding this one dress was worth all the past, fruitless visits to the Family Tree Thrift Shoppe!

I think the reason I generally don’t find anything here is due to the donation pool. Chain thrift stores (like Goodwill) receive their merchandise from a distribution center (which in turn receives merchandise from many donation points) and thus have a greater variety in quality and style of items. Family Tree gets its donations from the immediate area. The neighborhoods surrounding Family Tree Thrift Shoppe are low- to middle-income and made up mostly of families and retirees. It’s not an area known for its style. I like to think that someone in the environs is enjoying my donations, though! And I’d like to send out a thank you to whomever donated the Milly dress.

Come Thrifting With Me: Arden Way Crossroads

· It isn't really a thrift store ·

crossroads shop secondhand thrift

Crossroads isn’t technically a “thrift” store. As I define them, thrift shops receive their goods from donations and the proceeds benefit a charity. Crossroads is more of a consignment shop. It buys and sells secondhand clothing. Some pieces are actually on consignment, but most are purchased up front from sellers and then resold. The prices aren’t as good as Goodwill, but the selection and quality are better. Check it out!

I always check out Crossroads’ Designer racks first. The pieces hung here don’t cost significantly more than elsewhere in the store, but may be real steals. This time, I pulled a lace Equipment blouse and a pair of Ralph Lauren joggers to try on. I just laughed at the Hunter clogs.

Speaking of shoes, most of the footwear is displayed on shelves above the racks, organized by size groupings. I saw many pairs I liked, but not in my size:

And then I found this pair and they fit me perfectly!

Long Sleeves
It’s still cool enough in Sacramento (and I have an east coast trip planned for next week) that I’m interested in browsing sweaters. I found a couple of cute ones by Banana Republic.

Tank Tops
Vests are included in the Tank Top section and I was intrigued by this long, olive, duster vest.

Short Sleeves, Skirts, Dresses
I didn’t find anything in Short Sleeves or Skirts. I’ve been looking for a denim skirt with no luck. I didn’t take a picture of the Dresses section because it was so long (the length of two sections of wall) and so tightly packed with garments that it was overwhelming and frustrating to look at. I did make an effort to shop the dresses and found one to try on. (And my friend found the CUTEST Anthropologie dress to wear to a shower. She says she’ll give it to me afterwards!)

This rack, and the Designer rack, are my “must shop” sections of Crossroads. Here, the already low prices are even lower and it’s the best place to look for something from the prior season. For instance, I found this holiday dress in late March: a green version of the Honey Punch sequin, faux-wrap dress I already own.

I only browsed this section because it’s next to the dressing room and I was waiting for my friend to finish. I did find some interesting bags, though. The olive drab purse reminds me of the helmet bags all the young USMC officers liked to carry their stuff around in (while pretending they were pilots). The tooled leather bag seemed genuine and was a steal at $15.

Dressing Room
*Warning* I try the lace blouse on with nothing but a bright bra underneath.

The first BR sweater is a hit! (I love this style of sweater. And, if you’re an eagle-eyed reader, you saw that I already wore this on Wednesday.) The pants, however, are way too big, despite being the same brand, style, and size as my silk, olive drab pair.

The second BR sweater is also a winner! I love the wide neck, stripes, and mullet hem. (And, yes, I wore this the very next day!) The Mossimo vest was only so-so and the quality was poor, so I passed.

I wanted to like the Equipment lace blouse. I’ve been looking for one in this style. I would wear a nude camisole underneath, but this blouse WOULD NOT STAY BUTTONED! The fabric was too soft and didn’t hold the buttons in place. Even with a cami, the blouse would be too scandalous to wear. The Banana Republic dress, though, was perfect!

I bought the two sweaters, dress, black booties, and a tassel necklace (not pictured here) for less than $100. My bill was higher than at a true thrift store. At Crossroads, you pay for the curated selection. The store is filled with on-trend apparel in good condition. All of my items looked and smelled like new and I didn’t have to search hard to find them.