Layer It
layer black white navy green vest flannel buffalo plaid check stripe pattern mix ootd

Brrrr . . . it’s cold outside! Even in Sacramento, we’re reaching for our long underwear and puffy coats. Layers are a must at this time of year, but they don’t have to be a drag. Done right, layers will keep you toasty and add interest to your ensemble. Layering adds color and texture to […]

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Storing and Displaying Accessories
jewelry display rings bracelets pins

It’s been eight and a half years since I shared how I stored my accessories. Things have changed since spring of 2008. My style has evolved, trends have come and gone, and I moved to California. May 2008 and November 2016How am I storing and displaying my accessories, now? RingsI have about 20 rings, now, […]

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Wear a Poncho
pattern mix poncho how to style fashion ootd whatiwore2day

Winter is coming and, with it, all the eatin’ holidays. We’ll kick off the season of gluttony with Thanksgiving. Soon after, offices fill with treats: homemade fudge, peanut brittle, peppermint bark.  You’ll “win” that giant bucket with three types of popcorn at a gift exchange. Time off for the holidays means time for grazing on […]

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How to Look Old

I’m so pleased to be in my fifth decade, because, if you haven’t heard, old is the new young! It’s the granny chic zeitgeist. 20-year-olds are so passé. And while you might fool people with your silver hair and cat eye glasses and smile lines at a quick glance, the real secret to looking old […]

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Add Color to Your Wardrobe

When I lived in Cincinnati, Londyn and I got together once or twice a month. We inevitably ended up dishing on fashion – what we liked, what we wanted, what we bought, and what other people said to us about the clothes we wore. Oddly enough, we both heard a similar comment from our coworkers […]

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