On Trial: Rugby Ralph Lauren Dress
on trial poll tweed dress consignment

It’s been years since I asked your opinion on whether or not I should keep an item of clothing. I’ve been pretty reckless with the donations. I need some help deciding on this dress, though. Jacket, Mossimo. Dress, Rugby Ralph Lauren (consignment). Tights, We Love Colors. Booties, Blondo. Sunglasses, Earthbound Trading Co. Bag, Steve Madden. […]

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Darth Vader Wears Sequins
gray olive star wars darth vader ootd whatiwore2day

I only wear weird things to blogger meetups. How else would people know I was a style blogger? If I didn’t pair Darth Vader with sequins, people might think I blog about food and we all know my food photography sucks. It’s really hard not to make a bowl of oatmeal look like a bowl […]

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black and navy leopard silk blouse thrift suit presentation outfit ootd whatiwore2day

The last time I wore a suit, a bought-as-a-set suit, I was mistaken for a member of the hotel staff. It was my first sales conference and, although we dressed business casual at the office, I thought it would make a good impression to wear a suit to the event. Instead, I was asked to […]

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In the Now
san francisco tourist outfit ootd buffalo plaid red black thrift consignment

Sometimes I wonder if I’m “doing” San Francisco right. My leisure trips there always turn into aimless wandering, eating, and drinking. The city makes me feel present. I am so satisfied with each moment that I fail to have any sort of direction to my day. When it’s over, I have a hard time remembering […]

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How This Blog Has Changed My Life
How This Blog Has Changed My Life

Pretty grand title, huh? Well, it’s true; I’m a different person than I was when I started this blog, ten years ago. I’ve changed in lots of the little ways you’d expect: I’m more conscious of trends, I visit thrift stores more often, I dress more creatively and I shop more than before WIW2D. The […]

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overall dress denim jumper pinafore cowl neck sweater gray olive ootd whatiwore2day outfit

I was inspired by Caroline of Un-Fancy to wear a sweater beneath my denim jumper in her Three Ways to Wear Overalls for Fall post. I’d always assumed that anything bulky beneath my overall dress would be unflattering, but this cowl-neck sweater turned out just right. Sweater, Worthington (thrifted). Overall dress, Hydraulic (thrifted). Leggings, Mossimo. […]

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Screen Time
kimono thrift consignment outfit ootd whatiwore2day floral polka dot gray pattern mix

I didn’t go shopping on Black Friday, but I didn’t #optoutside either. Instead, I spent way too much time looking at screens: computer screens, phone screens, movie screens. But I did it in pattern mixing style. Kimono, Carole Little (thrifted). Dress, Express. Belt, Lucky (consignment). Tights, Jockey. Boots, Sofft (consignment). Sunglasses, Earthbound Trading Co. Earrings, […]

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Storing and Displaying Accessories
jewelry display rings bracelets pins

It’s been eight and a half years since I shared how I stored my accessories. Things have changed since spring of 2008. My style has evolved, trends have come and gone, and I moved to California. May 2008 and November 2016How am I storing and displaying my accessories, now? RingsI have about 20 rings, now, […]

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The Things We Do
poncho pattern mix ootd outfit style fashion tribal

Another basketball game, another lame attempt at wearing some purple. These are the things we do for those we love. Watching sports is a supreme form of torture for me. However, I was pleased to find Otra Vez on tap at the new arena. And there were baby races during a time out. Poncho, Aziza. […]

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Fur Tango
black white boots tango faux fur thrift ootd whatiwore2day

I’m not a follower. This has made partner dancing difficult. I frustrated the men in my attempts at ballroom dancing by fighting for the lead. I gave following another try this evening at my first tango class. Vest, Vero Moda (thrifted). Dress, Under Skies (consignment). Shirt, American Apparel. Tights, Target. Boots, Steve Madden. Bag, Nordstrom […]

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