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I wear what I like and I like what I wear. A daily outfit blog: WhatIWore2Day


· I hardly knew ya ·

daily outfit blog ootd whatiwore2day military blazer

I saw very little of Portland during my 24 hours there. Usually, I try to get out and about on my travels, but I was content to see only the inside of the Hilton this time. I’ll be back in November and vow to do a little wandering.

(For these photos, I still haven’t left the Hilton property; I’m in the attached parking garage.)

Blazer, Donna Collezioni (thrifted). Shirt, Spence (consignment). Skirt, Ann Taylor (thrifted). Boots, Vionic. Earrings, self-made

Secret Vader

· Can you find Darth? ·

floral bandage dress olive military blazer darth vader tights daily outfit blog ootd whatiwore2day

I intended for the Darth Vader helmets on my tights to be my little secret for the day. When I put on the tights, he was well covered by the dress hem. As the day progressed, though, the tights sagged within my boots and the dark helmet made his appearance, confusing my seminar participants.

Blazer, Donna Collezioni (thrifted). Dress, Adrianna Pappel (consignment). Boots, Miz Mooz. Necklace, Banana Republic.

Put a Scarf on It

· Just a square of fabric ·

serape scarf daily outfit blog ootd whatiwore2day

I packed this capsule in a hurry, not planning jewelry, well. I looked at the necklaces I had brought, decided I didn’t want to wear an of them, and draped a scarf around my neck instead. This is the third day, in a row, that I’ve worn this sweater, but it feels fresh with a striped scarf.

Blazer, Donna Collezioni (thrifted). Sweater, Express (consignment). Scarf, Consignment. Skirt, Ann Taylor (thrifted). Tights, B. Ella. Boots, Miz Mooz.

Mesh Sweater

· A great lay ·

olive star applique jacket daily outfit blog ootd whatiwore2day

This open-weave sweater is one of my favorite layering pieces. It adds a little warmth and a lot of interest.

Blazer, Donna Collezioni (thrifted). Sweater, Express (consignment). Dress, Adrianna Papelll (consignment). Tights, We Love Colors. Boots, Vionic. Necklace, Kenneth Cole Reaction.

Five Stars

· I've been promoted ·

thrift bandana denim shorts tights military inspired star applique daily outfit blog whatiwore2day ootd

After less than 24 hours in Sacramento, I’m back on the road. I’ll recap my Alaska/Washington/Idaho capsule soon. In the meantime, I’ve already begun another travel capsule, built around this thrifted blazer.

Blazer, Donna Collezioni (thrifted). Sweater, Express (consignment). Shorts, Free People (thrifted). Tights, B. Ella. Boots, Miz Mooz. Earrings, thrifted. Bandana, Mono Lake gift shop.

Bridge Capacity

· Who knew snow weighed so much? ·

raincoat scarf alaska ootd daily outfit blog whatiwore2day

I had this bridge all to myself for a few quick snaps before heading to the airport. Honestly, it was such a breathtakingly beautiful morning that the last thing I wanted was pictures of my boring ol’ outfit. It was comfortable, though, for the long flight from Anchorage to Sacramento (via Portland). Goodbye, Alaska! (I hope to be back.)

Sweater and dress, both Banana Republic and both via consignment. Boots, Vionic. Earrings, self-made. Scarf, Claire’s.

I got really lucky with the cloud situation on the flight out and was treated to views of snow-capped peaks and glaciers.

Moose Droppings

· Moose are out there ·

daily outfit blog ootd whatiwore2day

I saw living, but cranky-looking, moose, along with wrasslin’ grizzlies, honking elk, and a stinking fox, at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center. We were lucky that many of the animals were more active in the rain. The bears, in particular, seemed frisky. The smart animals, such as the fox, lynx, and porcupine, were curled up in their houses. I suppose that makes me a “dumb” animal, because I happily braved the drizzle to poke my camera through fences. (And, P.S. I totally saw a lady stick her hand through the fence and pet one of the moose butts. That lady was not me.)

Jacket, REI. Poncho, Christopher & Banks. Shirt, Ralph Lauren Jeans (thrifted). Jeans, Lucky (thrifted). Boots, Blondo. Hat, Who What Wear for Target. Earrings, tourist shop. Belt, thrifted.

Earthquake Park

· On shaky ground ·

raincoat alaska fall daily outfit blog ootd whatiwore2day

One of my most vivid Alaska memories from my childhood summer trips is seeing the Million Dollar Bridge, broken by the 1964 earthquake. I was fascinated by the way nature had devastated such a feat of engineering. That may have begun my fascination with disaster and apocalyptic scenarios.

Today, I saw no broken bridges, but walked Earthquake Park, in Anchorage, and marveled at the devastation and transformation caused by the 1964 quake.

Jacket, REI. Scarf, Claire’s. Shirt, Ralph Lauren Jeans (thrifted). Kimono, thrifted. Skirt, Mossimo. Boots, Vionic.

All Natural

· The real thing ·

velvet blazer feather necklace plaid skirt daily outfit blog ootd whatiwore2day

As I packed my jewelry for this trip, I was struck by how I have come to prefer natural shapes, materials, and textures in my accessories. I made a conscious choice to choose “all natural” with my clothing,* but didn’t make a decision to do the same with my jewelry. This feather necklace (purchased eight years ago!) is a perfect example of my organic jewelry aesthetic. (But I ruined it after these pictures, getting the delicate thing stuck in a zipper. I guess I should have stuck to plastic, after all.)

Jacket, DKNY Jeans (thrifted). Sweater, Banana Republic (consignment). Skirt, Hauber Sporting Life. Shoes, Blondo. Necklace, Urban Outfitters.

*I’m pretty sure this jacket is a polyester (not natural) blend – but my chances of finding silk velvet at the thrift store are pretty slim!

Trapper Jack’s

· Tourist traps are irresistible ·

fur poncho boho daily outfit blog ootd whatiwore2day

I haven’t visited Anchorage since the mid-80s. I’m looking forward to seeing how it has changed. Well, let’s be honest, my memories from 30 years ago are a little fuzzy. I do remember how much my sisters and I enjoyed visiting the tourist shops. I, especially, longed for the chunks of iron pyrite (fool’s gold) on display. I no longer feel the attraction for minerals, but I do love the tourist experience.

Poncho, Christopher & Banks. Shirt, Daniel Rainn (thrifted). Skirt, Mossimo. Tights, We Love Colors. Boots, Vionic. Hat, We Wore What for Target. Earrings, Francesca’s Closet.