January Progress Report

I was worried that Jauary would be slow, with holiday recovery and everyone broke, but I was wrong! WhatIWore2DayPosted almost daily (missed January 8th).Answered two reader questions with blog posts: Comfy Out-and-About Outfit and Colorado Layers.Updated the status of my Jeans Wardrobe PhotographyShot a second boudoir session.Shot photos for two local blogs, Lookie Boo and […]

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Change of Bridges
plaid flannel tunic denim vest faux leather jacket outfit whatiwore2day

After shooting a client in downtown Vacaville, I headed to the covered bridge behind the Nut Tree for my own photos. I was saddened to see that the eucalyptus forest around the bridge has been cut down and the bridge stands, naked, between a parking lot and a bare field. I suppose I should be […]

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Historic Folsom
denim jacket maxi skirt outfit ootd whatiwore2day

In my downtime, I’m researching photo locations for sessions with clients. Today, I visited Historic Folsom. Other than the river and maybe the train station, it isn’t a great spot to shoot portraits. But I enjoyed the sunshine, the scenery, and a porter at the Folsom Hotel bar. Jacket, Jessica Simpson (thrifted). Skirt, Flying Tomato […]

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olive perforated sweater buddhist outfit ootd whatiwore2day

I’ve never been to a Buddhist temple or even a meditation group, so I was stumped on what to wear to the grand opening of the Sacramento Dharma Center. Would I have to take my shoes off? Would I be sitting on the ground? On a cushion? Or would there be prolonged standing? Is exposed […]

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Hawaii in January
jams world railroad tracks western boots ootd outfit whatiwore2day

This is a summer dress, but I love wearing it, layered, in the winter. The tropical print is a welcome reminder of warm days to come. And, of course, I like to mix it with other busy patterns. Sweater, G-Ladies (consignment). Dress, Jams World (thrifted). Turtleneck, Gap (swap). Leggings, Express. Boots, Ariat. Earrings, thrifted. Sunglasses, […]

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Some Wine Required
faux fur collar cropped cardigan olive leather knit tunic ootd whatiwore2day

Maybe I had too much wine while assembling the cat tree, today. The cat tree looks fine, but I didn’t do a good job buttoning my sweater. It’s buttoned wrong in all but one of my photos (because I caught it by the end). Sweater, G-Ladies (consignment). Tunic, Wet Seal (thrifted). Leggings, We Love Colors. […]

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Non-Buyer’s Remorse
faux fur leather jacket ootd outfit stripes olive black white whatiwore2day

It isn’t often that I pass on purchasing a clothing item and then regret the decision. Ten days ago, I visited a consignment shop with a friend, tried on a couple of things, but left without buying anything because I was hungry, in a hurry, and had to pee. But, as I got dressed over […]

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star wars hat beanie skull sunglasses floral scarf kimono polka dot

As I prepared for my first mammogram, I googled more information about the procedure and, of course, WHAT TO WEAR TO A MAMMOGRAM! I don’t think the technicians really care what you’re wearing. But the advice is to wear a two piece outfit (i.e. not a dress/romper/overalls), so that you can at least keep your […]

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pleather bomber gray dress ootd whatiwore2day

I now know all about Basic Pest Management in the School and Child Care Settings. I’ll give you the CliffsNotes: the answers to all your pest problems are door sweeps and microfiber cloths. This is what I wore to learn about Integrated Pest Management. (Thankfully, there was no practical application required.) Jacket, H&M (thrifted). Shirt, […]

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Jeans Wardrobe

I still don’t like jeans. I like denim jackets, denim vests, denim shorts, denim shirts, and denim skirts, but I don’t like denim pants. In fact, I only own five pairs of jeans and I rarely wear them. SkinnyI finally got rid of my jeggings and my expensive skinnies (Paige Skyline) because they got too […]

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